Smart-Launcher DEFI Protocol

Swap, Pool, and Stake on the Newest Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform.

Why Smart-Launcher?

Smart-Launcher is designed to make investment options easier and smoother. With our ever-growing integrations of DApps on our platform, users will be able to utilize them to choose safe trading techniques in many different ways.

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Smart-Launcher Swap

Our Smart-Launcher Swap is built to be much like other Dex/Swap platforms. However, there are a few key differences that set us apart; 1.) Our platform hosting is not congested, allowing your transactions to go quicker, and much smoother with less chance of failure. 2.) Fees on Smart-Launcher Swap are less than that of other leading Dex/Swaps that are more commonly used. 3.) Not just anybody can add a token. Each and every token able to be traded on our Swap must be approved by the Smart-Launcher Team, before being manually added to the platform. This function is to allow us to stick with the Smart-Launcher ethics and morals of providing users with only safe investment opportunities.

Staking Assets & Rewards

Smart-Launcher staking is for those who want to benefit a little extra from being a holder of the Smart-Launcher token. Our staking platform is flexible, in a way that we can adjust and make changes to the staking contracts as per investor preferences and suggestions. Because we don't have rewards or reflections integrated to our smart contract (to reduce and prevent those ugly contract sells), we decided to integrate staking options that will allow users to stake SML to receive dividends of their choosing. To start, we will have three options: Stake tokens for tokens(reflection based), stake tokens for BNB rewards, OR stake tokens for BUSD rewards. Furthermore, we will be able to add other tokens/coins to our staking pools given the developers of those tokens provide us with the liquidity to add them to our pools.

Liquidity Pools

People love passive income, we do too. Liquidity Pools in Smart-Launcher are our way of providing that for our users and investors so we can all make a little extra while going for the long-term gains, without having to worry about what's happening behind the scenes. We will be adding more pools as we grow, to continue providing as many passive options to meet our users preferences.

A Growing Network of DeFi Smart-Launcher Apps

If Crypto DApps is your thing, we are the platform to use them. Smart-Launcher will continue to integrate decentralized applications to give our users and investors as many options possible for everyntrading technique. Follow us on our socials to see our updates and progress (and maybe even some sneak peeks). Upon launch, we will have our Swap and Staking integrations live and functional. Future integrations will include but not limited to: - Launchpad and Token Locker - Cross-Chain Bridge Platform Integrated to the Swap - NFT Minting and Marketplace - Wallet with Browser, DApps, and Dex/Charting Tools If you ever have issues with any of our platform applications, feel free to contact us in our community chats, or email us at [email protected]